Welcome To Something In The Water 2020

The Year is 2020. The cool April breeze skips over Atlantic waves, spraying salt and sand across the coast. A clementine sunrise peeks through eastern mattings of cloud and fog and graces the face of a Bronze King Neptune standing between the city and the sea. A mediator between the magical mystery beneath the seas, and the ever-shifting mass of man and myths. Down in the city, something magical is happening. Pharrell, the Champion of Virginia is making his return to his home. You live in the greatest time, and the greatest city to be in. Virginia Beach, three days before Something In The Water.

Who Are You?

Players will be assuming the role of an average everyday Virginia Beach local, or maybe not local. You are limited to the Classes and Races within the Vanilla Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook and the following Modern Setting Playbook, but feel free to be creative in how those are employed:

The idea is that Magic and the Mundane live right next door to each other or down the block from each other. Obviously talk to me and we can come up with scenarios together in which the character of your imagination comes to life.

For example, you could be a scrappy hair dresser whose going through a bad breakup (which could translate to some sort of all-american Human Monk. as you’d have proficiency in martial arts, and flurry of blows would roleplay as just a very scrappy man or woman that you don’t want to meet in a street fight).

Perhaps you’re more into nature, and want to be a Bohemian Chic or Rock Climbing lover of a Veterinarian who is also apart of the Emerald Enclave of Druids.

This campaign setting to preface is going to be semi-serious, with some comedic relief, and will sometimes be action packed, and other times you may find your self in the middle of espionage and conspiracy using Spy craft to deliver secret messages, etc.

Where are you?

This campaign setting is Virginia Beach, and later other parts of North Beach, Pungo, and Currituck.

Major locations like local Middle Schools, the Cavalier Hotel, Princess Anne Country Club, Big Sam’s Rudee Inlet, The Boardwalk, 15th Street Fairgrounds will all be accessible locations to you the Player Characters.

Obviously this is set against the Backdrop of Something In The Water 2020, 3 days before it to be exact.

As well, as magical beast and beings are concerned, the Greek Pantheon is worshiped in Virginia Beach. But again, everything is taking place next year, in the year 2020. So don’t get too caught up on the, just understand that the source of some magical players will come from the Greek Pantheon, and feel free to let the Mythos inspire your character or don’t, it’s up to you.